The Broccoli Cheese Soup

So I don’t know how to cook very well. I was always too busy with acting and music stuff and sports when I was growing up to really sit down and learn. So now that I have a boyfriend and am grown up getting ready to move out of my parents place, I thought eh why not try to learn! And the best way I learn is to just jump right in. I was watching chopped last night and decided today would be the day! The day I jumped in and started my cooking adventures. I looked up my pinterest and saw brocoli chedder soup using only 5 ingrediants and said hmmmm that looks easy! Went to Walmart down the road from mi casa in the pouring rain money in hand. obtained the onion, cheese (sharp chedder naturally}, broccoli, condensed milk and broth. Pay and leave and return home. I begin. And about an hour later my soup looks scrumptious! The cheese has melted nicely the broccoli is almost mushed as mushed it needs to be. And the smell smells amazing. I get my dad to taste it. He leans back and I expect him to say woooowwww so good….but he doesnt. His nose crinkles and he says what..that aint right! He rushes to the closet as I gaze wonderingly over my lovely creation. He pulls the condensed milk from the closet and places it on the counter in front of me….condensed SWEETENED milk.

face palm

We strained the last batch and re cooked everything with JUST milk!!!


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