Review of Unbroken

I am a total movie enthusiest. I love seeing a great movie. Movies have ability to transport me places and make time dissapear. I went to see the movie Unbroken today. Everyone I have spoen with who has seen it gave great reviews and said it was a great wartime movie. And it was. It told the story of an American olympian captured by the Japs in world war two. The commander of the prisoner camp he was sent to tried to break him and even whe he was at his lowest he lifted the plank above his head and was deemed unbroken. Phenominal story and great history and a fantastic score. The one thing I encourage people to take away from this film more than anything though, even above a depiction of physical and mental strength, is the fact that forgiveness trumps revenge. People do stupid things. People do mean things. And whether we mean to or not we are not meant to be the ruler of judgment. They are our brothers. Blood and kin make mistakes too. Forgiveness is the key to our freedom. Forgiveness is the basis of being redeemed, renewed and revived. When we forgive, we truly see through the eyes of God.


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