In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”

I was asked to look through the lense of water and to round myself up

I am almost out of college so I am not going to talk about future me because honestly I don’t know what’s going to happen right now and that’s ok! In the water I have been in during my span of life, I could see for miles. I have seen sharks, sting rays, manatees and turtles. And the water I have been provided for drink has made me healthy for it is clear. Therefore I will reflect clearly on a former self from merely 2 years ago. I have changed immensely in 2 years. 2 years ago I was a junior in college still trying too desperately to get a boyfriend, going on dates with a differet man from online and being hurt edlessly. I was still trying to let go of an abusive ex ,who I now have NO issues with. And can whole heartedly admit to myself and others that I was very wrong about him and whatever I felt for him was not love. I was a theater star at my college and was working towards my dream of being on broadway, putting my music education degree and trumpet behind me. But something happened on the way to the forum…I kept getting this feeling that I wasn’t on the right path. That broadway was not my calling. I kept praying and praying for it to be shown to me. And now looking back I realize how set up it was for me. I didn’t get any leads in the musical that year or plays and callased as I was, I left the theater department and played in the pit orchestra. Anything Goes was the last play I tried out for with my whole being put into it. I tried for a few more in the city but things just weren’t what they used to be. that pit orchestra was only the beginning of my professional trumpet carreer. I play everywhere now. That summer was the best and I often think of it to empower me. I broke up with the ex for the last time and did not look back. I went clubbing every weekend with my best friends and had no regrets. I lost enough weight to wear gorgeous outfits on those nights out and I met the love of my life. I met him online and yes it took me a while to be able to admit that but he’s the best.  He is still here. He has broken a lot of trust issues and callases apart. I want to merry him and have kids and no I never thought I’d say that. But that’s just a part of me. A part I’ve learned well and waited for for almost 23 years. And I’m keeping it safe.

Happy ny


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